First and foremost, please consult our main Terms & Conditions for an overview of our rules.

Additionally, we want to stress the fact that the following are strictly prohibited on AllMyLinks:

  • any explicit profile image or background photo;
  • links related to "escort" services;
  • links related to gambling and online casinos;
  • links involved in spam or phishing campaigns;
  • any link that uses a third-party URL shortening services to mislead visitors;
  • violence, child sexual exploitation, abuse/harassment, illegal goods or services, private information, non-consensual nudity.
  • any other kind of malicious content or link.

In case of a first offense, our team will most likely contact you to let you know. Most members on AllMyLinks are using the platform within the rules, and most issues are resolved amicably.

However, depending on the seriousness of the offense, our team reserves the right to immediately suspend and/or delete and/or ban the offending users without warning.




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