We're very excited to unveil our new integration with Opensea and Metamask, allowing AllMyLinks users to connect their NFT wallet to their profile and showcase their very own NFTs to their visitors.

Connect your wallet to display your NFT collection

Step 1: Profile settings

Head to your profile settings and select the "Pick an image" button.




Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet


In the overlay that appeared, select the new option named "Load avatar from your NFT profile / Metamask wallet".

You should see a prompt from your Metamask wallet. Follow the prompts to allow AllMyLinks to view your NFT collection.

(Please note: Opensea is the only supported platform at this time.)


Step 3: Pick one of your NFTs as your new profile picture



Step 4: Congrats!

Congrats, your new NFT profile picture is now visible to all! The distinctive hexagon shape signals to all visitors that it is an NFT. Clicking it will display its unique ownership information.







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