You try accessing your own profile, and you're surprised to be getting a "not found" error message instead. What's going on?


Most likely this happens when you're trying to access your profile (or any profile) from a country that's being blocked by its owner. It's called a geo-block.

Those are accessible in your account settings: 


Example: this profile is blocking all visitors located in Barbados.

If you're trying to access your own profile while located within that area, then you should expect to get this error. Totally normal :)

With that said, if you're not using any geo-block and get this error, please do reach out and we'll promptly investigate what may be causing it.


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  • Anuchit PhornPhol

    404 เกิดจากอะไร ครับ เข้ารหัสไม่ได้เลย 


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