Yes! We recently added the option for users to add the following tracking pixels on their profile:

You can configure your custom trackers in the Analytics Settings of your account.(





  • August Valera

    This is not necessarily tracking, but I'd like to add the rel="me" attribute to my links.

    Specifically, the decentralized social media network Mastodon supports link verification, that is, any URL linked from your Mastodon profile that, in return, links back to that same Mastodon profile with the above attribute is considered a verified link and displays a small checkmark next to the link to show ownership.

    Example: I add a link to on my Mastodon profile for the account If AllMyLinks has an entry linking back to the profile, specifically like so <a rel="me" href="">Any arbitrary text</a>, then that link would be considered verified.

  • PD

    Hey August – that is a great suggestion, thank you for taking the time to present it so clearly. I believe we should implement this soon. I'll circle back as soon as I have an update for you.


  • PD

    Rolling out to production sometime this week. Possibly tomorrow. Thanks!


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