Here's a handy comparison table to help you choose the best option to accept payment on your AllMyLinks profile.


  Bitsafe PayPal
Requires a Bitsafe account (free) a PayPal account (free)
Fees per sale 10%

2.9% + $0.30 per sale
More details: PayPal fees.

–> Example 1: $3 sale You get $2.70 You get $2.61
–> Example 2: $20 sale You get $18 You get $19.12
Type of content you can sell Few limitations.
See terms & conditions.
Some limitations.
See PayPal's acceptable use policy.
Minimum item price $3 No minimum.
Payout delay 1 week immediate
Notes   You receive the funds on your PayPal account immediately, directly from the buyer. AllMyLinks does not have access to the funds.
Warning: make sure the destination PayPal email address you enter is correct. Why?


Ready to set up your payouts? :) 

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